The AY Music File Player for a Real Spectrum!

Current Version: 0.3b (released 28th September 2007)

Download SpecAY 0.3b Now!

The first, and (as far as I am aware) ONLY program which allows playback of standard AY files on a real, physical Spectrum computer!

This program is designed to take a standard AY music file (which are really intended for use with Emulators) and allow it to be played-back on a genuine, physical Sinclair Spectrum machine. The vast majority of existing AY files are supported, and the program can run on any of the Sinclair 128k machines, including the original Spectrum 128, the +2, +3 etc.
Note for +2 Users - how to get high quality, noise-free sound output.

Latest News - Updated 28th September 2007

Documentation - Updated 30th August 2006


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