Files that Don't Play Properly

The following lists files that are known not to play correctly in Speccy-Player.
If you find any more, please let me know so I can add them to this list and attempt to investigate why they won't play.

There are a very small number of files (a total of six out of the 729 files in the Project AY archive) which cannot be loaded by Speccy-Player simply because they are too large. These are not included in the list.

Currently, this list only includes "Game" files. I'll do another list for the "Demo" files, when I find time :-)
Game Problem 
Auf Weidersehen Monty AY tunes play fine, but some of the samples don't work. Not sure what's causing this problem. 
Glider Rider Again, the AY tunes play properly, but the sample doesn't work. 
Knight Rider "Map Theme" does not play. 
Xecutor The beginning of the tune is corrupt, but plays OK after a few seconds. Yes, I screwed up my memory paging routine :-(
Xmas Ludo Tunes seem to play fine, but pressing a key causes a system crash. Probably due to overwriting the BASIC system area. 

List last updated: 18-Dec-2003.